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MANSA EXIM exports fresh as well as processed agricultural products at unbeatable prices. We supply wholesalers, retailers, caterers, food service companies and importers.

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Our product range includes fruits, vegetables, spices, food grains, pulses and processed food items. The items are directly collected from farmers, tested for quality and properly packed for shipment around the world through air, water and land transportation. At Mansa we believe that everyone deserves to taste what our nature has to offer without worrying about the geographical barriers and so having expertise in logistics helps us serve you better. Fast and efficient delivery of high quality products help us maintain an excellent track record of utmost customer satisfaction.

We relish in having an excellent track record for towering customer satisfaction. At MANSA EXIM, we understand that logistics is one of the most important aspects of our service. Fast and efficient delivery of our excellent produce is our specialty. We believe that everyone deserves to taste all of the food our mother nature offers us.

Agriculture is a backbone of Indian economy as it provides food to its million mouths and the raw materials to the industries. It also has a crucial role to play in Indian export.

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India as a country is endowed with fertile land, good irrigation facilities and modern technology in the field of cultivation and production of Agriculture/Horticulture based produce. This advantage is further augmented with development of food processing industry in the country. All these positives related to agriculture/horticulture sector make export of Agro products a lucrative proposition for farmers and exporters.